New Prize for a Clean Struga

STRUGA – 1st November 2021 – International artist Lida Sherafatmand who is residing in Struga launches a new prize for environment together with Macedonian ‘Strugian’ artist Milko Nestoroski. The two artists started an art atelier on the town bazaar last June and have been active in cultural projects since then.

Bringing together ecology and culture they are offering a free professional portrait as a prize for the collection of cigarette butts in the town by any citizen who wishes to take part.

Cigarette butts thrown on beaches contribute to water pollution, water quality, and affect the aquatic life. They also cause air pollution and impact the food chain besides environmental hazards like wildfires when thrown in natural environments. Flora and fauna both suffer as a result. (Source: )

The Environmental Protection Agency classifies environmental tobacco smoke, or “secondhand smoke,” as a Class A carcinogen, in the same category as asbestos and radon, both known to cause cancer in humans. Deadly particles linger in the air long enough to be breathed into the lungs. (Source: Centers for Disease Control; National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion; Secondhand Smoke Consultants, RepaceAssociation, Inc.).

Artists Lida and Milko believe culture, environment, and economy all need to work hand in hand, side by side, in order that the wellbeing of people and their living place is always preserved as a value priority. Their atelier is called “Kandilka, Atelier of Florescencism”. Kandilka one of the typical flowers in Struga looks like swans which have come together, and this is to reflect the presence of swans, the lake and the river in Struga. The term florescencism is their artistic concept which brings together the social realm and the natural realm with an ethos of care. Putting an accent on the states of flowering and consistent transformation, it emphasises human’s creative potentials when facing internal and external challenges.  With such a mindset the two artists are offering their art for the protection of the environment under this current prize project.

Prize Description:

This will be a monthly prize offered in the next 12 months starting from November 2021. Two winners are to be selected every month according to how much cigarette butts they have collected; the ones with most cigarette butts win. The first and second winners can order one free of charge monochrome portrait of any person they like to have, either by Lida Sherafatmand or by Milko Nestoroski.

How you can participate:

Collect in a plastic bottle the cigarette butts which you see thrown on the floor, whether on the beach, or in any public area. Deliver the bottle to the Atelier of Florescencism (second floor on the Struga Town Bazar), before the 26th of the month, in order to participate in the prize competition of that month. The two most collected cigarette butt bottles will be selected for a free portrait prize.

Before coming to the atelier inform the artists about the time you will be coming, either by calling on: 078249250, or emailing to:

Below are examples of portrait drawings by Lida Sherafatmand and Milko Nestoroski.

Portrait drawings by Lida Sherafatmand
  For more information about her paintings see her website:

Portrait drawings by Milko Nestoroski
    For more information about his paintings see his Facebook page: